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Pvc/nbr rubber foam
PVC/NBR rubber tube
Widely used in cold/hot medium piping and containers in central control air condition, construction, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, textile process, metallurgy, boat, vehicle, electrical apparatus and other fields.
Low conducvity factor
The coefficient of heat conductivity of this material is 0.034w/m.k,at an average temperature of 0c,but its coefficient of surface heat liberation is high,therefore,with the same external conditions,to use this product in less than half-value thickness of other heat insulation material could reach the same heat insulation effect,thus reducing ceiling viod and cutting down investment.
Closed pore foaming
It is hard for vapor in external air to penetrate into the material,which has excellent ability of vapor penetration resistance,thus it is no need to add vapor insulation layer on the outer surface of cold/heat preservation layer.The value of damp resistance factor of the material is no less than 4500,which makes the material an ”°inneral”± vapor insulation layer,providing both heat preservation and damp resistance.
Good fire-blocking
There is a lot of fire retardant and smoke damping stuff in this material.When burning the smoke concentration is very low.The material does not melt in fire and it does not drop down burning fire ball..The material has self extingulishing properity.
According to GB8624-1997”±classification Method of Combustibility of Building Material”±this material is assessed as class B nonflammable material,thus safe and reliable application of the material is ensured.
Beatiful look,easy to install.
PVC/NBR rubber plastic-rubber foam heat preservation material is rich in plasticity and thus faciliteates installation.For application on pipeline you can either put on the insulation pipe first or cut the insulation pipe longitudinally and then bind it.For application on the complex parts such as valve,tee and bend you can cut out insulation sheet according the shape of the part and then bind the covering,so as to ensure the strictness and heat preservation properity of the whole system.As the surface of materials is smooth and flat like rubber,as well as other excellent properities,there is no need to add vapor insulation layer,protection layer,thus cutting down troubkesome steps in installation and ensuring beautiful and level figuration.
Product Normal Size:
Length: 1800mm or 2000mm
Pipe thickness: from 9mm to 30mm
Pipe ID: from 6mm to 108mm
Packing: by PE bag or by carton.
Certificate: ISO9001 and SGS certificate.
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